The G6ten Vision

God's Vision: "That they may all be one Father, as You are in Me and I am in You"
John 17:21

To provide the opportunity to the "Family of Faith" in business, for an increase of God's provision, in all areas of their lives, including business, through God's "Family of Faith".

To offer and provide Christ's disciples in business an opportunity and an effective communication and uniting platform for the embracing of the Biblical perspective of Body, Family and Community in our business lives.

To unite Christ's disciples in business for greater access of the "Body of Faith"... to the "Body of Faith"... along with their God-given gifts, talents, knowledge, resources and spheres of influence; thus "working together for the good of all, and especially for those in the Family of Faith", toward the fulfillment of a more abundant life and business, as promised by God, knowing that God's fulfillment of His promises will be delivered through His Community of Faith.  G6ten is here to increase those opportunities through one another.

To establish a Business Resource Center and Exchange... enabling the "Community of Faith"... to choose from the "Community of Faith" to meet their personal, faith and business needs. And establish a city-wide interconnected network of purpose-driven business discipleship Reliance Groups.