About G6ten Reliance Groups

A G6ten Reliance Group is a custom hybrid networking group, bringing together Christian business people who have "Chosen To Care" about one another.  The relationships are already existing among the participants.  G6ten Provides Complete Group Support

Reliance Group Content:
  Biblical Focus In Our Business Lives
  Focused Prayer Needs
  Business Master-Minding / Business Development / Challenges Resolution
  Business Networking and our unique Lead & Contact Generation Program.

Groups Meet at least once per month at agreed upon time and location.
All G6ten Reliance Groups Are Inter-Connected With One Another.
All G6ten Reliance Groups Are Provided Their Own Mini-Site & Communication Platform.

How To Start Your Own G6ten Reliance Group:
  Identify 2-3 other Christian business people who you already, know, like and trust
  You should already have a good working relationship with these people
  Strategic partnerships are preferred
  Those 2-3 people do the same with 1-2 others, and all agree on the group members.