Closing The Networking Gaps

G6ten closes the business networking Gaps and simplifies the relationship building and business development process, experienced in typical business networking.  We are just doing it here for the Family of Faith In Business.  G6ten offers Purpose-Driven networking.

We Are A Family... Resource Center... & Faith-Based Business Exchange.
Every New Participant Is A New Family Connection... Just pick up the phone
This is the easiest way possible to expand your network and spheres of influence.
Everyone Is expected to have a least one physical conversation with one another.

G6ten Provides You With New "Family Member Connections" For An Entire Year!
G6ten Provides Your Rolodex Of All "Family Member" Connections
G6ten Provides Custom Web-Based Profile Pages which you control and manage
G6ten Custom Profile Pages & Free Business Pages are Social Enabled...
   Share and Network One Another through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and via email

Purpose-Driven "Ask", "Seek", "Knock" & "Respond" Communication Platform...
(Missing In All Typical Networking)... For Immediate Sharing To Everyone of:
  Your Business Needs   Your Networking Needs   Your Events   Your Business Updates
  Your Personal Needs    Your Prayer Needs          Volunteer Needs     & Much More

Simple Search Capabilities Of The Entire Network, To Seek Who Or What You Need