The Big Picture
Doing Business As And Through "The Family Of Faith"

Business/Personal Challenge & Issue Resolution Communication System
  You will have a growing base of people with whom to "Ask", "Seek" & "Knock"
  And hopefully you too, will be available to "Answer", "Provide" & "Open Doors"
Greater Opportunities For Blessings
  God provides for His family... through His family... Increase your opportunity to receive!
New Business, New Connections
  You will have continuous new DIRECT connections to new Christian business people
Business Exposure & Promotion
  You will have business exposure to more of the Family of Faith... almost daily
My Brothers Keeper Forum
   The Sharing Of: "Gifts" "Talents" & "Business Resources"
   The Sharing and Resolution Of: Business, Personal & Networking Needs
Christian Business Resource Center

  You will be in a growing and unique Christian Resource Center...
  For One Another and For Our Visitors
Meet & Greets for the G6ten Family Of Faith In Business
  You will be invited to our monthly "Meet & Greets" as participation grows

$35 Year